Juustoportti Ltd

Juustoportti Ltd. is a Finnish family-owned company. Thanks to value-driven ownership, we have been able to cherish responsibility and friendliness for decades. For us, it’s a natural way of doing things. Over the past 50+ years, Juustoportti has grown from a small dairy farm into a thriving, innovative business that produces and sells a great selection of multiple award-winning high quality products – our expertise ranges from dairy processing and cheese craftsmanship to gluten-free oat drinks and more.

Responsibility and the environment have always been at the heart of our operations, and we are striving for continuous development. 100 % of our electricity consumption is powered by wind, solar and water energy – we even have our own solar power plant! 90 % of the thermal energy we use consists of renewable bioenergy. We are constantly working to take good care of the well-being of humans, animals and the environment. We have been awarded as a distinguished employer and we are the largest youth employer in the region.

Friendly Viking’s

Abroad, Juustoportti is better known for the export brand Friendly Viking’s. We are the Nordic folk who aren’t known as the feared vikings. Why is that? Well, simply because we preferred to live in peace and enjoy life.

We used our strength to cultivate the purest oats and to make good food, with a good heart. Although Friendly Viking’s Oat Drink is a relatively modern product, its outlook on life dates back centuries. Things haven’t changed much since then. Only the fact that now everyone can enjoy the same high quality and delicious taste in the form of Friendly Viking’s Oat Products.

Friendly Viking’s

Friendly Viking’s Oat Drinks are all vegan and made from premium Nordic oats. We have an organic or flavoured Oat Drink for every need, whether you are cooking or having someone over for coffee– always without any added sugar. We don’t like to brag, but it happens to be a fact that the water we use is the purest in the world, as is our air. Together with our know-how, they ensure premium Nordic taste and quality – ready to conquer the world! Learn more about all of our products below.

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Juustoportti produces a wide variety of products made from oat, berries, fruit and milk in the on-the-go format. Juustoportti offers co-packing opportunities on a new SIG Combismile production line:

  • Modern on-the-go packing line for drinkable snacking products
  • Suitable for oat and milk based products, juices and smoothies
  • 200 ml – 350 ml with a straw or a screw cap

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Mr. Jussi Mylläri, Export Manager,

Juustoportti – a versatile food purveyor

Juustoportti is one of Europe’s most modern foodstuff producers in terms of production technology. The company operates on the principles of high quality products, expert employees and constant and goal-oriented product development. Bold yet fruitful investments also form one of the cornerstones. Juustoportti’s dairy and cheese lines and vegan factory produce a comprehensive selection of over 300 different products. We have received several international accolades for our cured cheeses. Our selection has it all from Swiss-type long-cured cheeses ¬– made of either goat’s or cow’s milk – to lactose-free products, UHT products, etc.

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Mr. Jussi Mylläri, Export Manager,